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We’re committed to achieving recognition as a leading manufacturer of quality Precision Engineered Products, supplying both the Private Sector and Public Sector Institutions throughout the United Kingdom.

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Falcon Precision Engineering Limited was established in 1989 by the present Managing Director Tony Faulkner in partnership with his wife Liz who is also joint Managing Director of the company. Initially they concentrated their efforts on winning orders as a sub-contractor to the paper making industry, however paper production in the town of Bury is in decline and present day output amounts to less than 25% of the volumes 10 years earlier.

This has generated a knock on effect, with the supporting industries having to seek work elsewhere. Today Falcon Precision Engineering Limited has expanded its catchment area and is presently manufacturing parts for nuclear turnkey systems, mining, petrochemical and magnetic tape recording for businesses, they have also secured a contract to make aluminium flanges for a major outer space project, via an existing UK client.


Here at Falcon, we have been providing engineering services since 1989 using both experience and expertise to provide the best service to our clients and customers. Our services range from CNC turning, CNC milling, line boring, welding to anodising. For more information on each of our services click here or contact our expert precision engineers on 01617645120. Alternatively, fill out one of our online contact forms and one of our engineering consultants will get back to you.

Milling & CNC Milling

CNC milling is the method of shaping metal and other solid materials by using a CNC milling machine like a lathe.

Turning & CNC Turning

The method of CNC turning is the fabrication of a part in which a pointed cutting tool is used to do so.


The process of boring involves the enlargement of a hole, that already exists, using a boring machine or mill.


The process of drilling relates to the use of a drill bit, like a pillar drill, to cut a circular hole into a solid material.

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